Micro-Needle Facial

Micro-Needle Facial

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European Facial
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Katie Skincare’s Micro-Needling Facial generates fresh facial collagen for plumper and smoother skin on your face. The micro-needling works on the surface layer to generate new collagen and skin tissue for a smoother, firmer and more toned appearance while significantly boosting the efficacy of anti-aging molecules. For truly effective results, you’ll need more than one treatment to continually build collagen and elastin overtime.

THE RESULTS | This facial visibly lifts the skin around the jaw and neck, while reducing fine lines and reviving skin tone and texture. Expect some redness for up for 1-2 days post facial as a result of all the skin stimulation, but it subsides quickly as the healing begins and the results of more glowing, supple skin start to show!

Each facial is 100% bespoke to the clients' skin needs, skin condition and skin goals that day. 

In addition to any bespoke treatments, the basis of every facial consists of seven main pillars: exfoliation, steaming, European extraction, lymphatic drainage treatment, high frequency radiation, massage and final face mask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After most facials, your skin will be radiant and healthy. However, if you have sensitive skin, or a lot of extraction was done, you may be a little pink for the rest of the day. Rest assured your skin will be in healing and in rejuvenation mode. Your esthetician will provide post-care treatment instructions.

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